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Roxy of Bully Breeders Co.


Roxy has lineage from Bossy Kennels and Top Dog Bullies. She is our foundation female and related to nearly every dog in our yard. 



Bully Breeders  Sunflower 


Sunflower was produced by Bully Breeders Co. She is duly registered UKC and ABKC. Her parents are Roxy and Blue. Her lineage includes Bossy Kennels, Top Dog Bullies, and Grunt Kennels.


Gypsy of Bully Breeders Co.


As displayed in the picture, Gypsy's father is Keys 2 the City from Championships Kennels also has lineage from Bossy Kennels and more specifically from Wonka, Victoria Secret, and Ace. Gypsy is duly registered UKC and ABKC. 


Bully Breeders Khalessi 


Khalessi is born from our most famous duo Roxy and King Loki.


Cashmere of Bully Breeders Co.


Cashmere speaks for herself! She is born from the famous Trinity from Three King’s Kennel. Her lineage includes COAK’s and Bossy Kennels. 

Bully Breeders Co. Pepper

Pepper is born from Gypsy and Loki both of Bully Breeders. She is 110lbs and 12mo.


BellaTrix of Bully Breeders Co. 



This amazing female is 6mo and 85lbs. She is ready to breed Winter 2023.


Harley Quinn of Bully Breeders Co.


Harley Quinn is sable merle and has lineage from Top Dog Bullies and Grunt Kennels. She will be ready to breed Winter 2023.

Bully Breeders Medusa


Medusa is born from the dynamic duo Roxy and Bossy Scully. She will breed with Panther for her first litter in 2024.